Brazilian Blowdries

Do you struggle with frizzy, curly, difficult to manage hair? Would you love your hair to be frizz-free, straighter, shinier, and healthier looking? You need a Brazilian Blowdry!

There’s nothing better than watching a client walk out after having a Brazilian Blow dry at our salon in Barnes. They have that relaxed look of knowing that it doesn’t matter what the weather’s like outside or what they’re going to do next, because their hair can handle anything!

After your smoothing treatment you’ll no longer need to blow dry your hair straight or use styling irons on your hair each morning; so many clients have told us that their straightening treatment was life changing, as well as hair changing!

Brazilian Blowdries are  also known as keratin smoothing treatments because it works on the keratin structure of your hair, so the results will vary depending on the condition and quantity of your hair.

Speak to our expert techinican to find out how a straightening treatment  in Barnes will work for you.

Prices from £200

Smoothing Hair treatments barnes

Olaplex Treatments

We are now an Olaplex salon in Barnes. Olaplex is a little miracle elixir that can transform dried or damaged hair by restoring the bonds in your hair to make it stronger and healthier.

After a single Olaplex treatment you’ll notice a difference to the way that your hair looks and feels. It’s a perfect transformative treatment if your hair has been over-processed.

Your Olaplex treatment in Barnes will restore the structure of your hair, so it could make the difference between being able to have your hair coloured or having to wait until your hair is in better condition.

Prices from £35

Kerastase Fusio Treatments

Kerastase Fusio Treatments are a little added extra at the backwash that will leave your hair looking and feeling fantastic.

Your stylist will hand pick a treatment that is exactly what your hair and scalp needs – be that more hydration, protein, protection or something else.

What makes Fusio treatments the best hair treatments in Barnes is that they work with a concentre – to work on your hair’s biggest concern – and a booster – to work on any other issues. It’s just what you need to help get your hair in tip-top condition.

Prices from £20

Kerastase Fusio
Smoothing Hair treatments

L’Oreal Metal Detox

If you’re booking in for highlights or a blonding service, we thoroughly recommend you add a L’Oreal Metal Detox to your service for shinier, healthier results.

Every day your hair is getting infused with metal from the products we use and the pollution in the air and studies show that London is one of the very worst cities in the world for people to have excessive metal in their hair.

This metal can cause hair breakage and make your hair look dull and flat. The L’Oreal Metal Detox treatment works by neutralising that metal, so you can prevent breakage by up to 97% while increasing shine. It’s a real investment in your hair.

Prices from £30