Ladies Haircuts

Are you constantly on the look out for your ideal hair cut or are you a ‘same again, please’, kind of a person?

We welcome both types of clients to Making Waves, Barnes, because we know that your perfect hairstyle is all about you: your face shape, features, hair texture, your lifestyle and, perhaps most importantly, your personality!

Your appointment begins with a consultation, so we can get to know you and what’s working at the moment and take a look at how your hair sits naturally. Your stylist will really listen to what you want from your hair cut and make it happen before you leave the salon with a lovely blow-dry.

Prices from £65

Ladies Haircut Barnes
Waves Blow Dry

Waves Blow Dries

We have quite a well-earned reputation for our blowdries in Barnes!  It’s because we’re really good at listening to what you want your hair to look like and delivering.

We’re a popular salon for big, bouncy Glamour Blowdries but also offer Regular Blowdries for something sleek and shiny or simply to tame your texture for a smooth finish.

Your blow dry will be charged based on the length of your hair: hair above shoulders, hair below shoulders or long hair.

Prices from £30

Hair Up and Special Occasion Hair

Going somewhere nice? Got a big meeting? Just want the pick-me-up that great hair gives you? We’ve got you covered!

Our hair up services range from simple chic chignons to intricate updos with ghd curls.

We’re also the place to come for a set, or to have your hair styled into curls waves or even a faux bob.

Want to book an appointment for a hair up in Barnes? Drop us a line and we can match you up with the perfect stylist for the occasion.

Prices from £20

Waves Blow Dry