Waxing and Intimate Waxing in Barnes

Beauty Waxing

If you want to be fuzz-free and silky smooth for weeks, you need to visit our waxing hair removal experts at Making Waves, Barnes.

We work hard to ensure your waxing experience is as painless as possible and our therapists have all of the little secrets to minimise the risk of in-grown hairs and bumps.

At Making Waves, we use strip wax for your legs, abdomen and facial hair, and hot wax for intimate waxing (also known as Hollywood waxes).

Leg Waxing in Barnes

When you choose Making Waves to wax your legs, you’ll be put at ease by a fully qualified waxing expert.

We offer the leg waxing service of your choice from a full leg and bikini line wax, that’s perfect for holidays, to half and three-quarter legs, ideal for everyday life or that special outfit.

Intimate Waxing at Making Waves

There’s something that feels so clean and liberated when you’ve had all your pubic hair removed.

Our therapists understand that intimate waxing can feel uncomfortable, both physically and mentally, so we’ll do everything we can to make your Hollywood wax appointment relaxed, speedy and as pain-free as possible.

Waxing for Facial Hair Removal

Waxing is the ideal hair removal method for managing unwanted hairs on your upper lips and chin. It’s also a more hygienic alternative to eyebrow threading, which is why it’s our favourite method of hair removal to give you beautifully shaped brows.

We also offer a full face waxing service if you are struggling with extensive peach fuzz or need to keep on top of all your facial hair in one time-saving sitting.

Why should I choose waxing?

The biggest benefit of having your legs waxed at Making Waves is that waxing reduces hair regrowth. When you have your hair waxed you’ll notice that your hair starts to grow back finer and softer while shaving and creams cannot produce a long-lasting change.

Is there anything I should know before my waxing appointment?

For results that are as smooth and long-lasting as possible after your waxing appointment, we recommend you follow this advice before arriving at Making Waves, Barnes:

  1. Make sure you have left it long enough between appointments, your hair growth needs to be at leasthalf a centimetre.
  2. Exfoliate a maximum of 36 hours before your appointment
  3. Make sure that the area to be waxed is clean, but don’t over moisturise it.
  4. After your appointment, be sure to make exfoliating and moisturising the waxed areas an essential part of your beauty regime.

To feel fuzz-free and fabulous booking a waxing appointment at Making Waves, Barnes by calling the salon on 020 8748 5654 or booking here.