Life can be exhausting and sometimes you just feel in need of a pick-me-up.

Sure a detox could help, and you could probably use some extra goodness in your diet, but you need that energy boost right now.

Or perhaps you’re doing all the right things and following all the health and nutritional advice out there, but are still suffering for a Vitamin deficiency that’s stopping you from functioning in the optimum way.

That’s where Immune System Boosting injections in Barnes come in.

These Vitamin injections are a complete game-changer when it comes to your well-being.

Prices from £40

Are Vitamin Injections Safe?

We can promise we wouldn’t introduce any service to our salon in Barnes if it wasn’t safe and effective.

Our practitioners are all fully-qualified, including additional training and qualifications in how to identifying the right vitamin boosters for the client and when and how to administer the injections.

Training to give Immune-boosting injections includes how and when to say ‘no’. So, if vitamin injections aren’t the right solution for you, we hope you understand that we would have to turn you away.

Immune System Boosting Injections Barnes
What types of vitamins do you have in immune system boosting injections?

Most of us are able to get all the vitamins we need from our diets and the sunlight, but some people simply aren’t able to absorb all the vitamins they need in that way.

There are also certain times of year, like those long dark winter months, when there simply isn’t all of the vitamin D that you need.

Our immune boosting injections resolve the vitamin deficiencies that Londoners most commonly suffer from.

Therefore we provide energy boosting injections with Vitamin C, D, B12, Biotin and B complex. Our practitioner will select the vitamin that your body needs based on an extensive understanding of your symptoms and health history.

How will vitamin injections help me?

We love hearing about the benefits of our vitamin injections from our clients in Barnes. They regularly tell us that they have enhanced energy levels, their brain fog has eased and they are able to function more efficiently.

Some clients also tell us that addressing vitamin deficiencies has helped them to sleep better and even lose weight.

Are vitamin injections better than tablets?

Vitamin injections go into your muscles which means that their goodness is channelled directly into your blood stream for easy and fast absorption.

While vitamin tablets can be really beneficial in increasing energy levels and reducing fatigue, they cannot always be absorbed and ideally need to be taken at specific times of day and in combination with specific foods.

What is biotin and how can it help me?

Biotin is actually vitamin B7. It’s found in many foods including eggs, milk and bananas and is essential for maintaining healthy hair and nails. A biotin deficiency could leave you with dry skin, digestive problems, mood swings and even chronic fatigue.

If you’re suffering from brittle nails, weak hair and even hair loss, your practitioner is likely to recommend a biotin immune system boosting injection or a vitamin B complex pick-me-up to you.