If you’re looking to reduce visible lines and wrinkles around your eyes, mouth or forehead, mesotherapy is the anti-ageing treatment that can work wonders with visible result after just one treatment.

Mesotherapy (or fractional mesotherapy to give it its full name) uses a series of tiny injections that infuse vitamins, minerals, hyaluronic acid and amino acids into the top layer of your skin (your mesoderm) to transform its appearance.

Unlike applying anti-aging creams onto the surface of your skin, the goodness works from within, so you will start to see the results immediately and they will continue to improve over time.

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What happens at my Mesotherapy appointment?

If you’re thinking of having mesotherapy in Barnes, you’ll need to book in for a consultation so we can discuss your skin concerns and check your suitability.

Your therapist will then be able to personalise the anti-ageing treatment based on your needs and the results you’re looking for.

They’ll also advise you on how many fractional mesotherapy treatments you’ll need to get the results you’re hoping for.

Mesotherapy injections

Does mesotherapy hurt?

We’d love to say that mesotherapy is pain free, but you’re likely to experience some discomfort during your treatment. Your therapist will be able to apply numbing cream to reduce any discomfort.

You may also experience some side effects after your fractional mesotherapy, which could include redness, itching or bruising, skin sensitivity and small dark patches near the injection points.

Which skin complaints can Mesotherapy help you with?

Mesotherapy is the answer to numerous skin issues including;

Detoxifying dull, congested skin

Reduce pigmentation

Reduce jowls

Fight the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Adding radiance to the skin

Firming your skin

Restoring hair loss

Mesotherapy Treatments