Are you suffering from aches and pains or muscle soreness that you can’t quite get to the bottom of? Perhaps you’ve tried rest and relaxation and every time you return to exercising your injury reoccurs? Or maybe your body just feels tired all the time and it needs a little help to repair itself.

We understand how frustrating all of those scenarios can be, but you don’t need to suffer in silence and just hope it just go away.

Our sports therapist is here to get to the root of your problem and get you functioning fully again. They’ll take a holistic approach to give you the support you need to enhance your well-being and boost your energy levels.

Your Sports Massage appointment in Barnes

Your Sports Massage appointment at Making Waves will begin with a thorough consultation to understand your body and specifically discuss any injuries that you have or have had in the past.

Every part of your body is connected, so your sports therapist will take a holistic approach to what’s really causing the issue as well as treating the area that is troubling you.

You’ll be surprised by how many of our clients find that the pain in the back or the body is only relieved when tightness in the front of the body is eased.

As well as traditional sports and remedial massage, your therapist may add alternative therapies that will enhance your treatment, including acupuncture and cupping. These will always be discussed with you first.

Prices from £85

Sports Massage


Did you know that Western Acupuncture is known as dry needling? It’s backed by medical science and uses anatomy and physiology to ease your pain.

Your therapist will insert tiny needles into the areas that need attention to stimulate sensory nerves under the skin and in the muscles.

You may notice a popping sensation during your acupuncture at Making Waves, Barnes. Many clients find it immediately frees up restricted movement and increases their range of motion in their joints.

Dry needling (acupuncture) isn’t painful, but you may feel a slight tingling sensation as the needle is inserted into your skin or when the needle is adjusted.


Cupping is another alternative therapy that can be added to your Making Waves Sports Massage to help to reduce pain and inflammation.

Your therapist will set fire to a flammable solution inside a cup, before placing the cups on your skin, which causes your skin to rise as your blood vessels expand.

Cupping promotes blood flow which can relax your body and mind and boost your well-being.

Our clients often tell us how it has enhanced their bodies natural healing process.

Cupping Therapy
Why do you do sports massage in a hair and beauty salon?

That’s a question we get asked quite a lot at Making Waves in Barnes and the answer is that we’re committed to becoming your one stop-destination for all your hair, beauty and well-being needs.

We want you to look and feel your very best and when you’re carrying an injury or struggling with a niggle we can guarantee that’s going to show up in every part of your life.

When people come for sports massage therapy at Making Waves they often leave with a new zest for life and looking years younger in the same way as our hair, beauty and aesthetics clients.

I’m not a sportsperson, do I need a sports massage?

You don’t need to be an athlete to be in need of a sports massage and you definitely don’t need to be a sportsperson to feel the benefits of our sports and remedial massages.

Sports Massages are intense and results-focussed treatments that work on muscle pain and discomfort that can be brought about by wear and tear from exercise, but could also be the result of poor posture or just everyday activity.

How can sports massage help me?

A sports massage can help relieve numerous aches and pains. Our masseuse often treats the following concerns, injuries and ailments using Sports Massage here in Barnes.

  • General muscle fatigue after training for a marathon or event
  • Pulled muscles particularly in the calves, glutes or hamstrings
  • Tightness in the leg (known as a tight ITB band)
  • Muscle strains
  • Back, neck or shoulder pain
  • Recovery after surgery or an injury
  • Maintenance to avoid injury while you are training.

Want to book a sports massage at our salon in Barnes? We can’t wait to help ease your aches and pains. Call us on 020 8748 5654.